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Indoor Flagpoles

Indoor Flagpoles, Stands, Bases, HardwareWhen indoor flagpoles are required for displaying flags in an interior space, there are couple displaying methods you could consider: On the ground: use indoor stands/bases; or On the wall: use brackets to mount onto the wall, as well as other creative ways depending on the available space and your overall interior design.

The Flag Shop carries a complete line of indoor flagpoles, as well as stands, bases, finials and brackets for your indoor flagpoles. Our flagpole can be purchased on its own, or as a package with an indoor base and a finial. If you need assistance with placing your order, or if you need a custom solution, please contact The Flag Shop in your local area for pricing and stock availability.

Indoor Flagpole Options PDF View Indoor Flagpole Options Brochure
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Flagpoles are 8 feet long, 1" diameter, 2 pieces

A. Economy Aluminum (unpolished)
B. Silver Tone Aluminum
C. Gold Tone Aluminum
D. Polished Oak Finish (with brass joints)
E. Oak Finished Hardwood - 1" diameter (with brass joints)
F. Oak Finished Hardwood - 1.25" diameter (with brass joints)
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Flag Finials, Acorn Finial Acorn Finial
Brass or gold-toned plastic
Flag Finials, Stilver Acorn Finial Acorn Finial
Silver-toned Plastic
Flag Finials, Church Cross Finial Church Cross Finial - 8"
Flag Finials, Round Spear Finial Round Spear Finial - 8"
Brass or chrome plated
Flag Finials, Resting Eagle Eagle at Rest Finial - 7" wing
Brass or gold-toned plastic
Flag Finials, Fancy Spear Finial Fancy Spear Finial - 8"
Brass or gold-toned plastic
Flag Finials, Maltese Cross Finial Maltese Cross Finial
Brass plated
Flag Finials, Staff Spear Finial Staff Spear Finial - 8.5"
Flag Finials, Maple Leaf Finial Maple Leaf Finial - 8"
Flag Finials, Star of David Finial Star of David Finial - 9"
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Indoor Stand - Wire Folding Wire Folding
Gold, silver-toned, or chrome; 1" bore
Indoor Stand - Premium Premium - Metal
11" diameter; Gold or chrome metal; 1" bore
Indoor Stand - 2, 3 Hole Wire 2 or 3 Hole Wire
Chrome; 1" bore
Indoor Stand - Premium Premium - Plastic
Gold tone; Sand-filled; 1"-1.25" bore
Indoor Stand - 3 Hole Deluxe 3 Hole Deluxe
12" diameter; Cast iron gold or silver-toned; 1"-1.25" bore
Indoor Stand - Confederation Confederation
11" diameter; Gold; 1.25" bore
Ensign Stand - Gold Plastic Ensign Stand - Gold Plastic
9.5 " diameter; 3/4" – 1" bore; Sand filled separately.
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