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An exciting new partnership between The Flag Shop and Common Thread

The Flag Shop and Common Thread Cooperative are proud to announce their new partnership to promote the "Banners to Bags Program" which repurposes recycled street banners and fabric into tote bags and other items.

Doreen, Jack, and Susan Braverman"I was thrilled when I learned about the co-op because it was an opportunity to recycle our banners and to support local people with employment challenges", said Susan Braverman, Owner and President of The Flag Shop.

Common Thread, a non-profit social enterprise, has recently installed some of its industrial sewing equipment in The Flag Shop’s Vancouver facility and production on the first co-op contracts is underway. The co-op’s Melanie Conn explained how important the partnership is for Common Thread: "Now that we have a place to use our industrial equipment, production is faster and it’s much easier to achieve excellent quality".

Susan added, "I’m inviting all our customers to bring back their banners when they’re taken down so Common Thread can make new products for them or use the material for other projects."

The Flag Shop Vancouver now operates under its corporate name, International Flag & Banner Inc. There are 13 Flag Shops across Canada, from Vancouver to Dartmouth.

The Flag Shop is the proud owner of ECHOTEX® - a 100% recycled fabric, which is recommended to all customers who are environmentally conscious.

For information contact:
Susan Braverman
Melanie Conn

Banners To Bags Program PDF Download "Banners To Bags Program" Brochure

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