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Press Releases

The Flag Shop supports the BC public teachers with "Respect Our Teachers" campaign

Vancouver, BC - After eight years away from the public school system, Susan Braverman, president of The Flag Shop and Textile Image, is getting back in – not as a teacher but as an ardent supporter of her once fellow teachers who are still embroiled in a standoff with the government of British Columbia over their contract.

After posting a short message to the Facebook group "BC voters supporting BC teachers and public education", Susan received an overwhelming response that set in motion a campaign of support being organized by The Flag Shop. The campaign is centered around a simple slogan "Respect our teachers – they DESERVE it!" which appears on bumper stickers, car flags, paper flags, posters, and buttons. Some items are free for teachers, but the public may also purchase them at The Flag Shop located at 1615 Powell Street as they become available. The purchases made by the public help subsidize the free items being given away.

Regarding her motivations for setting this up, Susan said, "I loved being a teacher. I felt I was making a difference with the kids I taught, and their success was my success. I thought I was leaving teaching temporarily so I could come back to The Flag Shop to help my mother who was nearing retirement."

"Having literally grown up in the business, I couldn’t imagine anyone else running it so I reluctantly left teaching behind. I eventually bought the business from my mother with a promise to myself that I would use it to help people. My entire business model - which all my staff buy into - is that we are to make a difference in the world. And we keep this in mind every single day."

"I may no longer be a teacher, but I remember what it was like to have to buy supplies for your classroom out of your own pocket. I just want to do what I can to help."

The Flag Shop head office is located at 1615 Powell Street, Vancouver, British Columbia with twelve other locations across Canada. For more information please contact Susan Braverman by phone at 604-736-8161 or 1-800-663-8681, by email at president@flagshop.com, or visit SupportBCTeachers.flagshop.com.



Susan Braverman, President of The Flag Shop:

In 1975 amidst light ribbing and eye rolling from her peers, Doreen Braverman first opened the doors to The Flag Shop/ Her daughter, Susan Braverman was six at the time and quite disappointed that her mother was not selling something more relevant to her young interests like candy. Almost forty years later, she is over that initial disappointment. After growing up in the business - she worked in the store ever Saturday in summer as a teenager and then later became the general manager in the 1990s – she spent time as a French teacher only to return a final time in 2006 to help her mother, after seeing the business she had watched grow along beside her was on the verge of being swept away by changing technologies and markets.

The Flag Shop:

Founded in 1975 in Vancouver, Canada, The Flag Shop was the first specialty flag shop of its kind. One hundred percent Canadian owned with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Flag Shop currently has twelve locations from coast to coast across Canada. Founded by Doreen Braverman, the business has remained in the family with her daughter Susan Braverman officially buying the company in 2010. After switching its focus from being just the first exclusive flag retailer to becoming the premier banner manufacturer in Canada, The Flag Shop made big investments in state-of-the-art printing technology. The new DuPont Artistri printer paired with Echotex® and other top quality fabrics has shot The Flag Shop to the top of its market by continually producing beautiful banners, flags, and other soft signage for any occasion. With over 35 years in the business, The Flag Shop considers itself the most sustainably-conscious flag and banner manufacturer in Canada and possibly North America.

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