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The Flag Shop Vancouver Supports PRIDE’S Trans Equality Now Campaign

Vancouver, BC (May 25, 2015) - The Flag Shop Vancouver emphasises our ongoing support of PRIDE Vancouver and confirms our commitment to transgender equality legislation and the Trans Equality Now (TEN) campaign!

The Flag Shop (est. 1975) was founded on a core principle that business must be about more than making money and we have been advocates of the gay rights movement for decades. We believe that our growth over the years is reflective of the fact that we care and are doing what we can to support positive messages of dignity, equality, diversity and safety amongst all Canadians. We are committed to corporate social responsibility and united in our intent to act for the benefit of society and make a lasting impact on the world.

“Our involvement with the gay pride movement began in 1978 when we produced Rainbow flags and decals in support of the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade” says Susan Braverman, President, The Flag Shop Vancouver. “Immediately afterward, we began manufacturing flags for the Canadian gay community in recognition of its history, courage and diversity. While demand in the early years was muted, as the Rainbow Flag transformed into the main symbol of unity for the gay rights movement, requests continued to grow and with support from the PRIDE & LGBT community we were able to invest in the development of new products which celebrate the future.”


Susan Braverman holds a "Canadian Transgender Flag", like the one raised in Ottawa upon passage of Bill C-279.

Earlier this decade, The Flag Shop began producing the Canadian Transgender Flag which represents the unlimited horizons the Trans Community has in this world. The flag was raised in Ottawa in 2013 in celebration of the passing into law of Bill C-279 – and has been the subject of ongoing media coverage. It is regularly used in marches across Canada; all of which contributes to the raising of societal awareness across our great country.

The Flag Shop continues to work with Canada’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, 2 Spirited & Allies communities in support of their efforts to end discrimination and violence, while promoting self-affirmation, dignity and equality rights.

Businesses and government agencies interested in advocating a positive message of sexual diversity and gender variance are invited to contact The Flag Shop to discuss how we might work together to celebrate PRIDE in Canada.

If members of the press would like to discuss our positive message of support for gay rights or our nation-wide Anti-Bullying campaign, please contact Susan Braverman at president@flagshop.com.

For more information on our awareness campaigns please visit:

Susan Braverman – President
The Flag Shop Vancouver


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