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Pillar Wraps

Great advertising space and branding opportunity for your event

Pillar wraps are a great way to introduce or increase brand awareness. They create high overall impact, and maintain consistency within a large space; masking large concrete pillars. These pillar wraps work great for convention centres, expos, events & conferences, and airports.

Pillar wraps are eye catching and can dress up any venue

Unlike the conventional vinyl adhesive, pillar wraps are printed on our Coast Display fabric which is wrinkle-resistant, flame retardant and can be re-used. The vibrant colours bring out your graphic with dramatic impact.

Production time is 3 - 4 weeks, please allow ample time before the events take place so we can coordinate installation on exact set up / take down days.

Pillar wraps need to be custom quoted and a site inspection is usually required before a thorough quote can be prepared. Pillar wrap finishing for installation varies depending on the pillar specs and the venue, so please contact us for more information.

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*Please note: Pillar wraps may not be available through all Flag Shop locations, please contact us for details.

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