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Outdoor Banner Signage Displays

Get Your Business Noticed with Outdoor Banner Displays

More and more retail stores and businesses are putting up outdoor banner signage on their building exterior to display store names, seasonal promotions, or simply as a decorative piece. Whatever you call them outdoor signage, outdoor banners, outdoor displays, they all serve one purpose which is to get your business noticed.

Well-designed outdoor banners attract potential shoppers to your store, and outdoor banners are great ways to market your business to everyone who walks past your business.

Design to Impress. Made to Last

Outdoor banners will be displayed outdoor for a extended period of time, things like wind, sun, weather, as well as bird droppings are important factors that have to be considered when designing outdoor banners. If the sun will beat down hard on them for a long period of time, colours chosen should have strong UV resistance.

We are the industry expert in custom banners

We can custom print or sew your outdoor banners, in any shapes or sizes, we also offer complete outdoor banner installation services. We can help you assess your outdoor display project based on your requirements and budget, we also offer various fabric selections as well as vinyl material.

100% Recycled Banner FabricIf environmental sustainability is on the top of your list, you will be delighted to know that we offer 100% recycled banner fabric, Echotex®, at around the same cost as regular banner fabrics. Click on the logo to find out more.

Banner Hardware and Installation Services available.

If your outdoor banners are oversized, they may need reinforced wind slots to avoid tearing. The method chosen for mounting the banners also dictates the fabrication. Building in strength may include sleeves, grommets, halyard or pencil rod. The Flag Shop offers banner hardware and banner installation services for your beautiful outdoor banners and signage.

The Flag Shop can help you with your entire outdoor banner project from designing the artwork to complete installations.

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