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Flag Rentals

Flag Rentals, Rental Services, Rent Flags, Rent FlagpolesMany of our international country flags, flagpoles, bases and other flag items can be rented for indoor use. A one-day rate gives you two full days of use. Weekly rates and quantity discounts also apply for long period rentals. Flag rentals are convenient and economical for:

  • Seminars and Meetings
  • Receptions
  • Trade Shows and Conferences
  • Media Events
  • Ceremonies
  • Corporate and Other Special Events

Flag Rentals, Rental Services, Rent Flags, Rent FlagpolesEach of our Flag Shop offers different rental inventory and services such as setup and rental pick up, we recommend that you consult with the store and reserve your order at least two weeks in advance to ensure product availability and allow extra time for shipping and handling.

Rent or Buy?

If you only need flags for a short period of time, why not consider flag rentals? Renting means you get the same quality flags and hardware but for far less than buying them. You have the flags for as long as you need and return them to us when you are finished.

The Flag Shop rents a large selection of Canadian flags, Provincial flags and International flags in different sizes – over 225 countries available from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe! Our rentals include more than just the hardware. We can deliver or ship to your event along with detailed instructions and provide set-up diagrams upon request.

Please Note: Not all Flag Shops provide flag rental services for Canada Day or major events, please contact The Flag Shop nearest you for details and rates.

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request a quote Contact The Flag Shop nearest you for flag rental services and rates.