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Look at all these Flag of Canada products we carry... and so much more!

The Flag Shop offers not only Canadian flags, but also a wide variety of custom Flag of Canada products for any occasion.

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Canada Street Banners   Canada Over Street Banners   Canada Feather Flags   Canada Windsock
Street Banners

Street banners have been one of our specialties for over 20 years. We are the experts so we can advise you through every part of the process.

Custom Banners

We can print custom banners in all shapes and sizes. In addition to over-the-street banners, we can make any other outdoor or indoor signage you may need.

Feather Flags

We carry Canada feather flags as a stock item, but we can also make custom feather flags for your event.

Canada Windsocks

Purchase Canada flag windsocks from The Flag Shop. Available in 2 sizes, 40" and 60".

Canada Flags, Outdoor Canada Flags Canada Flags, Indoor Canada Flags Canada Flags, Stick Flags Canada Flags, Canada Paper Flags, Paper Stick Flags
Outdoor Flags

From Canadian flags and Provincial flags to fun novelty flags, we have any flags you may need to decorate your outdoor event. We also make custom flags and carry a large line of flag poles.

Indoor Flags

Indoor flags make great displays for the summer holidays. We carry Canadian, provincial, and international flags along with other novelty flags. In addition, we have a full line of indoor flagpoles and hardware.

Hand-held Stick Flags

Great for parades and rallies, our stick flags are portable and an easy way to show off national pride.

Paper Flags

Paper flags are an economical way to pass on the patriotic spirit to all of your attendees. Paper flags can be custom made with your logo on the side, and they are recyclable after use.

Canada Flag Pennants, Canada Pennant Strings Canada Car Window Flags, Canada Car Flags Canada Flag Tattoos, Canada Tattoos Canada Flag Pins, Canada Lapel Pins, Custom Canada Pins
Canada Flag Strings

An easy way to decorate, our Canadian flag pennant strings can be put up quickly to enhance a festive atmosphere. In addition to our stock flag strings, we can also make custom pennants.

Car Flags

We carry car flags of many nations and sports teams, and we can make custom car flags. Our car flagpoles are built to withstand highway speeds so let them fly!

Canada Flag Tattoos

Canada flag tattoos are a simple way to let people show their national pride, and kids love them. No needles required! Quantity discounts available.

Lapel Pins

We carry stock Canadian flag pins in enamel or plastic, stock friendship pins with the Canadian flag crossed with another country or provincial flag, and we can also make custom friendship pins with the Canadian flag plus your logo. Quantity discounts available.

Canada Flag Crests, Canadian Embroidered Crests   Canada Flag Decals, Canada Stickers, Canadian Flag Decals   Canada Toothpicks, Canada Flag Toothpicks   Parade Regalia for Canada Day Parade

We carry embroidered Canada Flag crests. Various sizes available.


Stock and custom decals available. Contact The Flag Shop for more information.

Canada Toothpicks

There are many fun ways to use flag toothpicks. Shop online or contact The Flag Shop for product availability.

Parade Regalia

We carry parade regalia including parade gloves, flag holsters, and parade sashes - everything you need for carrying flags in comfort and style in a parade.

PDF Click here to view & print Canadiana Brochure