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Banner to Bag Program by Common Thread

Tablecloths, Tablecloth, Custom Tablecloths, Tradeshow Tablecloth, Trade Show TableclothsThe Flag Shop and Common Thread
Together we give street banners a new life
and bring you beautiful bag products

When those bright and beautiful street banners have served their usefulness in your community, give them eternal life by turning them into carrying bags. Each piece is hand sewn by experienced seamstresses at Common Thread Cooperative.

Turn your out-of-commission street banners into brand new tote bags

Some municipalities sell their street banners as collectors’ items, why not turn those banners into bags?

Virtually indestructible, they could replace thousands of plastic bags in a lifetime. A neat and green idea! Banner bags are strong, washable and fold into a small package that fits into your pocket or purse.

Street Banner A great way to "re-purpose" your street banners

Press Release: An exciting new partnership between The Flag Shop and Common Thread

About Common Thread

Common Thread Cooperative is a local group that repurposes street banners to give fabric, and people, a new opportunity. For information about turning your banners into bags (or other repurposed banner products), please contact Melanie Conn, Director of Common Thread at: 604-736-0935 or email info@commonthreadcoop.ca.